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“Change is the law of life, and those who look only to the past and present are certain to miss the future” -John F. Kennedy

Sortd is a collaborative organisational change management platform. Built on best practice change principals it is highly opinionated out of the box, however is also highly flexible ensuring you can make it work for your organisation.

Who is Sortd for?

Sortd is aimed at any organisation going through change. Whether undergoing a full blown business transformation project or small constant operational changes, Sortd offers a variety of tools and templates to assist.

The platform may be of particular interest to people who are responsible for delivering change within their organisation, in particular project managers, business owners, HR business partners, and training leads. The platform offers an easy-to-use view that is intended to complement the organisationas current processes and be integrated into their Project Management Life Cycle.

Change is the new normal

(Source: IBM Making Change Work 2008)

Today’s dynamic work environment is causing organizations to reframe the traditional view of what “normal” is. We are witnessing the effects of globalization, technology advances, complex multinational organizations, more frequent partnering across national borders and company boundaries – just to mention a few of the enablers and accelerators of change.

No longer will companies have the luxury of expecting day-to-day operations to fall into a static or predictable pattern that is interrupted only occasionally by short bursts of change. to prosper, leaders will need to abandon such outdated notions of change. In reality, the new normal is continuous change – not the absence of change.

Change masters have realised that behavioral and cultural change is crucial to project success and is considerably tougher to address than the so-called ‘hard’ factors, such as structure, performance measures and incentives.

Practitioners place a key responsibility for successful change right at top management’s door.

New Project

*IBM Making Change Work 2008

Why leading people through change is important

Focusing on process and technology in isolation of people factors will not deliver lasting business benefits

How does Sortd help?

Sortd aims to enable organisations to effectively plan for the afforementioned soft factors through a collaborative change platform, ensuring greater change success.